DJI Expands UTC Program to North America


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DJI partners with RMUS to open 8 training centers across the United States

As the commercial drone industry has grown rapidly from just a few hundred pilots in 2015 to over 100,000 pilots across the United States in early 2018, the need for streamlined and efficient training programs has never been higher. With most pilots flying DJI’s suite of reliable and powerful drone platforms, DJI is pleased to announce efforts that will help pilots quickly learn the fundamentals of flying commercially through online and on-site training.

DJI Expands Dedicated Training Program to North America

As enterprises and governments move from a handful of pilots running proof of concepts, to UAV teams using drones as standard tools across their entire operations, there is a broad need for dedicated training curriculum and services that can scale. To address this need, DJI is partnering with RMUS to extend DJI’s Unmanned Aerial Systems Training Center (UTC) program to North America. The program is designed to provide individual and commercial drone operators with professional training online and in the field. The North American UTC Program will start in the United States with eight training centers run by RMUS in Utah, Washington, California, Hawaii, Delaware, Ohio, Texas, and Illinois.

UTC is a global initiative from DJI designed to create a UAS training service platform that establishes global industry training standards, helping enterprises to scale out their drone operations and bringing clarity to pilots looking to upskill themselves with advanced pilot skills. The program began in China in 2016 and has quickly expanded to over 200 training centers across 6 countries, with more than 40,000 pilots trained since inception.

To start, the 8 training centers throughout the United States will begin with Commercial UAS Training – Level 1, a new curriculum established by UTC that provides a solid baseline for pilot skills and knowledge, ideal for enterprises to incorporate as a standard part of upskilling existing employees or onboarding new ones to use drones as daily tools. The course begins with a foundation building online course and basic flight training with an included Tello drone from Ryze Robotics. The course is completed with an on-site examination and training session at one of the eight training centers, with corresponding hands-on experience to become UTC certified.

As the leading pioneer in commercial UAS technology, DJI is helping to drive industry training and education by creating standard curriculum, developing technology solutions that streamline the training process and operating platforms, such as UTC and DJI AirWorks, that connect companies and customers to share knowledge and offer training services.

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