Aerial Photography

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Course Introduction

Soar Across the Sky                     See a New World

Compared to traditional photography, aerial photography provides more angles from which creators can capture the world. UASs are becoming a popular tool for travelers, wedding photographers, and journalists, among others. Taught by aerial photography instructors, trainees learn quickly with practical case studies and training.

What You Will Learn

Basic Flying Skills Industrial Application Training
  Fight Safety Education
  Basic knowledge of Photography
  Controlling Practice ✈  Flight Route Planning
  Flight Operation   Appreciation of Aerial Footage
  Basic Aerial Photography Techniques   Techniques of Aerial Photography


All trainees will be required to take the standard testing after the training course, including theory exam and practice test. UTC Certificate will be issued for those who pass the testing, as a recognition of related UAS operation and application ability.

UTC Certificate

Trainees’ Works after Training

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