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Update Time: 2018-02-07Source: UTCAuthor: UTC HQ
On Jun 6, 2016, DJI established the Unmanned Aerial Systems Training Center (UTC) in Shenzhen. The UTC offers a series of UAS training courses for different industries, culminating in a certification exam. DJI aims to make the UTC Certificate an internationally recognized UAS certification system. 

Cultivating Professional Pilots, Developing Specialized Talent

The UTC focuses on industrial UAV applications and provides comprehensive training with both entry-level courses and advanced industrial application courses, as well as equipment maintenance. At present, the UTC offers courses on agricultural plant protection and agricultural drone maintenance. In the future, it will also provide training courses on energy, security, search and rescue, and more.  

Xu Huabin, manager of the UTC said, “As drones are used in more professional industries, the shortage of professional pilots has created a bottleneck for the development of industrial UAV application. As a leading drone maker, DJI aims to solve this problem. The establishment of the UTC means that DJI can produce first-class drones, as well as cultivate excellent pilots for society.”

The UTC is headquartered in Shenzhen with campuses in Beijing, Nanjing, Chongqing, and Jining, with expansion planned. The UTC headquarters in Longgang District provides large-scale UAV training, equipped with several multifunction classrooms and flight training sites, some of which larger than 10,000 square meters. 

The UTC focuses on offering professional courses. Apart from UAV application in plant protection, students can take courses in aerial infrared measurement, UAV inspection, UAV search and rescue, advanced aerial photography, UAV software development, UAV system integration, and more. It also offers theoretical courses including specialized industrial knowledge, drone structure and principles, flight rules and regulations, and practical courses including drone maintenance, loss assessment, and flight operations. 

The UTC courses mainly focus on industrial applications. For example, students of agricultural plant protection will take courses on how to operate and repair drones, and also learn theories relevant to plant disease, pests and weeds, common pesticides, dosage technologies, and operation regulation. It is said that the UTC is the only UAS training school in the world that offers courses according to professional applications.

Xu also said that the UTC faculty consists of professional DJI technicians and experts recruited from colleges and universities. Teaching materials are compiled by professionals of colleges and universities to ensure a standard of excellence.

Creating a UAV Talent Chain from Training to Employment

As a constituent of the DJI industry chain, the UTC will set up an employment department to deliver qualified students to relevant enterprises through DJI platforms. These professional trained students will be able to display their talent in different parts of the UAV industry chain, from professional services to repair and maintenance, and even teaching. 

“When DJI launched the MG-1, it planned to cultivate about 10,000 pilots and establish 100 after-sales service points to build a complete industry chain,” Xu noted. “The establishment of the UTC proves that DJI has walked the walk. We will cultivate professional pilots and also maintenance technicians to support the after-sales service system. We will also produce professional talents for different industries to support the development of the drone industry chain.”

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